Jennifer Miller
General Manager
Behlen Mfg. Co.

Columbus, NE

“Grow from your experiences, utilize continuous learning, and build great relationships. Check out some products and how they are made. You will find that there are a variety of exciting careers that you may not be aware of. Bring your passion and a desire to learn and you will succeed!”

Jen’s technical skills, customer knowledge, and strategic talents helped Behlen achieved many notable accomplishments in volume, profitability, and customer service.   She was instrumental in re-focusing the company’s efforts and targeting customers who best fit the business model in an effort to deliver exceptional customer service.  As Jen assumed a management role, she was able to triple the business with outstanding efficiency, and she grew one of the most profitable teams in the company.  Her group has achieved more than nine continuous years of profitability and has sights set on making that a decade in March 2014.   As one customer stated, “Jen is continually trying to improve not only the service to our company but the efficiencies in the plant. Jen speeds manufacturing up, speeds up delivery, and jumps in with both feet.”

To appreciate Jen’s remarkable success, it’s important to know how life experiences have shaped her. Jen graduated high school from Boys Town in 1995.  Boys Town is an organization that heals families and provides a safe environment for young people with nowhere else to turn. The belief at Boys Town is that every child has the potential to succeed no matter what their circumstances.   Although she had the opportunity to return home and finish her last year, she decided to stay at Boys Town because it provided more structure and fewer distractions. She is a shining example of what Boys Town can accomplish in the lives of young people.

Jen balances the demands of a leadership position at work and busy family at home.   She’s active in her children’s activities and community efforts where she shares her passions and talents.  She is an outstanding role model in every effort she undertakes.  Jen has also earned both her BS and MBA degrees while working for the company, through the support of Behlen’s tuition reimbursement program.

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