Kathy McNair
Manager Operations
Cameron-Drilling Systems

Houston, TX

“Many think of manufacturing as just repetitive mechanical processes. I see fresh opportunities for creative problem solving. Whether it’s improving safety, cutting costs, or going the extra mile to exceed customer expectations, there are a thousand ways to get the job done, engage employees in finding solutions, and have fun doing it.”

Kathy has an easy style of communicating clearly and fully and for applying common sense to get results. As a plant manager, Kathy’s goal was always to get the job done well the first time. She listened to employees, took their suggestions under consideration and supported the final decision.  She recognizes talents in her workers and seeks to apply those talents to accomplish business objectives, creating an atmosphere of close camaraderie and personal satisfaction.  Kathy maintains high employee morale by steering people to the roles that best suit them and then making sure they are supported and appreciated.

Kathy also promotes Cameron-sponsored community activities and encourages team members to support charities that are personally meaningful to them.  The local community has benefitted from her dedicated support and her employees have gained a sense of pride through charitable activities.

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