Lycinda McDaniel
General Manager, Pueblo Operations
Ingersoll Rand
Pueblo, CO

“Manufacturing is a perfect match for me! I am a ‘people person’ who loves math, science, and technology. I pursued an education in engineering and have found that manufacturing is a place where I can satisfy my passion for people, processes, and products.” 

Cyndi brings to her current role the technical and management skills to achieve excellence. In previous capacities within the company, she successfully grew business in economically challenging times, increased plant utilization, and built employment.  Over her career, she has defined what she feels are the five keys to success:  set goals, work hard, learn, coach/lead, and have fun.  Her achievements and accomplishments have make her an exceptional resource who’s garnered the attention of senior management.

Cyndi has had the opportunity to work with excellent leaders and coaches over the years.  From her experiences, she has seen the tremendous benefit that excellent leadership can have on the organization.  She makes it a practice to dedicate 20% of her time to coaching and developing team members, knowing that this commitment will reap returns in productivity and excellence.  She is viewed as an excellent mentor and role model.

Cyndi has participated in team sports her entire life, and draws an analogy between life on the playing field and in an organization.  As in sports, business success is about working together to achieve a common goal. The team wins together.   An active volunteer in a range of organizations, she especially enjoys sharing her passion for manufacturing with local high school and junior high students.

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