Teresa Martinez
Materials Scientist
HOERBIGER Corporation of America

Houston, TX

“The most influential person in my life is Bill Nye. His passion for educating the youth and ongoing yearning for knowledge is inspirational. I admire his devotion to promote science and engineering every chance he gets. His love of science caught my attention at a young age and is still motivating.”

Teresa was instrumental in creating HOERBIGER’s state of the art materials testing lab, allowing HCA to deliver maximum value to customers, as well as consistency and reliability in the polymer based manufactured goods. Her suggestions for improving the lab required nearly $1 million of capital investment in equipment and instrumentation and have greatly impacted the lab’s infrastructure and efficiency.   Teresa’s exceptional process-orientation and thorough documentation have led to a new set of standard which have enhanced the resolution of manufacturing problems. Her attention to detail and procedure ensure that the company continues to lead in this field of materials technology.

Teresa’s love of science shows in her work. She mentors and trains the new employees with an interest in the company’s materials science and technology capabilities. Her personal commitment to the organization is reflected in her readiness to help anyone in any situation, in addition to her long hours managing the materials lab. Teresa’s bright personality and positive attitude are refreshing, even in the most challenging times. She continually demonstrates a passion for good science and the lure of discovery.

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