Sharon Martin
Director Global Supply Chain Planning
LORD Corporation

Erie, PA

“This past year I led a supply chain transformation project which required co-locating 35 people from 2 plants 250 miles apart for 6 months. We have exceeded on time delivery goals and key customers are citing our scorecard as the benchmark. We even had fun in the process!”

Sharon’s accomplishments have touched all of the business areas at LORD, but perhaps none as much as the aerospace sector, the most complex business and one that accounts for 40% of total sales.  Her passion for delivering exceptional customer service and her dedication to process excellence have been integral in all of the roles she’s held.  She is an exceptional leader whose interpersonal skills helped form collaborative relationships with key clients which continue to this day.  She has worked across businesses and with internal and external resources to enhance delivery, document processes, and ultimately enhance the bottom line.

Sharon states, “Superior customer service is not delivered by an individual, but is the result of many people who are doing the right things at the right time.”   In her lengthy career, she has held a range of progressively more responsible positions, all calling for superior communication skills and the ability to manage challenging relationships.  She’s grown from each role, and uses her own experience to offer training to others.

Sharon is passionate about continuing to develop her skills and knowledge base.  She keeps current in the operations and supply chain field through MIT executive education courses and Michael Hammer seminars on Process Management, and recently attended the Strategic Leadership class at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.  She serves as a mentor and presenter in the LORD Career Foundations Program.  This is a unique opportunity for individuals to participate in a 4-6 month assignment to experience a wide diversity of assignments, leaders, and locations.   Having worked in so many capacities throughout LORD, with such exceptional results, Sharon is an outstanding role model and resource.

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