Millie Marshall
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana, Inc.

Princeton, IN

“Those who thrive in manufacturing are the women who accept and adapt to change. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Be flexible and a lifelong learner. It is not a job, but a journey.”

Millie’s twenty-year career progression beginning as a Specialist to President is a direct result of her technical knowledge and ability, and her drive and determination and her passionate commitment to Toyota’s customers and team members.  Her accomplishment of becoming the first female President in Toyota’s history is tied to her many successes.   Over the years and across projects, she has been able bring cohesiveness to teams, develop them in the Toyota Way, teach teams the Toyota Production System, and coach them in how to develop their own teams. Millie’s deep knowledge of the Toyota Way and her unique ability to impart this to others has been demonstrated throughout her career.

Millie is a life-long learner. She has always seen her career as a journey. Her desire to learn and try new things led to many different positions, functions, and locations.  In every experience at Toyota, Millie left her positive mark.  She has always been a strong advocate for self-development, team development, and for the growth of Toyota as a whole.

Millie is a role model and mentor for other women in business. She shares her talents with women internally and is also actively involved in SOAR, a program that assists in the professional development and career advancement of women in business.  With the support of her family, she has learned balance, patience and the ability to see the bigger picture with a variety of perspectives.

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