Deborah MacKay
Vice President, Total Customer Experience Systems
Lexmark International

Lexington, KY

“One can truly say that manufacturing is where ‘the rubber meets the road.’ Product designs and specifications are just that, but manufacturing brings the product to life and delivers the tangible portion of the products for our customers, in a high-energy, ‘get it done right,’ ‘get it done now’ environment.”

Deb has spent her career leading and inspiring countless individuals worldwide while working at Lexmark International and IBM. Her journey to vice president of Total Customer Experience Systems at Lexmark began in 1984 as a test engineer for IBM, and progressed quickly as she excelled while taking on additional responsibility.  Deb proved multi-faceted as she demonstrated innovation and communication in a range of roles across IBM, then Lexmark, after the company spun off.  Her technical depth is matched by exceptional management and interpersonal skills that make her a senior manager who is relied upon for her leadership and vision.

Both in her work and personal lives, Deb feels strongly about being a role model who demonstrates dedication, loyalty, and excellent customer service.  She credits a customer complaint letter she received more than 15 years ago with shaping her belief that each service interaction is critical, and that addressing customer emotions can be more impactful than meeting their rational needs.

She is passionate about sharing her love for manufacturing with young women who are considering career options, especially through SWE, where she is a highly sought speaker. Over the years she’s spoken to many girls, from grade school through college about careers in engineering and the opportunities that her career has provided for her to see the world, work with people from other cultures, and deliver new products.

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