Lori Luchak-Olund
Miles Fiberglass & Composites

Portland, OR

“My role model has been my father, Lowell Miles. He is self-proclaimed entrepreneur, who started his company at 19 after graduating from a Technical High School. He has demonstrated that it is possible to live the true 'American Dream.'  My father was never scared to try anything as long as he truly believed in it. He has been passionate about philanthropy and I have learned from him the importance of giving. He has won many awards for his philanthropic spirit.”

Lori’s career is rooted in the story of entrepreneurship in America.  While under her leadership, the company has grown, diversified, endured the worst recession in 70 years, and continues to provide important jobs and valuable products that improve energy efficiency and the quality of life in this country.   She is committed to taking advantage of the numerous changes in technology and employing the latest techniques for fabricating composites. As a leader in the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA), Lori’s contributions have not only benefited her company, but the entire composites industry. She has been a driving force in ACMA’s Certified Composites Technician (CCT) Program and led the program to ensure that the curriculum remains cutting edge in the development of the technology of composites fabrication.

Lori compassionate leadership has served not only her industry, but the community as well. She has a true vision for the company and has used her strong interpersonal skills to share and grow it.   She is active in her trade association, the American Composites Manufacturer Association (ACMA), having held position in the group over twenty years. And she has built strong relationships at the local and state level, which serve to better the industry as a while.  Lori is also a philanthropist whose efforts garnered her Company, the Portland Business Journal Philanthropist of the Year award.  She is active in a host of other outreaches from colleges, to Boy Scouts, and has a passion for serving others.

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