Dr. Maureen Lockwood
Manufacturing Manager
Thombert, Inc. 

Newton, IA

“My passion for manufacturing comes from the collaborative culture of continuously improving results. We use team problem solving and innovation skills to better product quality and  performance and the workplace. I thoroughly enjoy working with colleagues at all levels of the business to achieve things that once seemed impossible.”

Maureen provided the leadership to improve company-wide productivity through a combination of improved methods and investment in new technology. As a result of these efforts, productivity has increased an average of 7% per year over the last 3 years, well ahead of average US manufacturing productivity.  Thombert’s customers received an even greater value.  She also offered direction and coaching to significantly reduce manufacturing scrap and improve first pass quality, with a resulting savings of more than $500,000 annually.

Maureen is a role model of Thombert’s corporate values, demonstrating honesty, ethics, responsibility, and fairness that results in thriving relationships with individuals throughout the organization.  She offers exceptional leadership and brings diversity to the leadership team.  Maureen has a passionate belief that manufacturing is a critical component of a successful national economy and that US manufacturing can successfully compete in the global marketplace. She’s become an advocate forthe advancement of manufacturing to help others understand the importance of manufacturing in our economy and to articulate the exciting, challenging career opportunities available in manufacturing.

She actively promotes manufacturing careers at the local and state levels, including working with local schools to encourage students to consider engineering and technical careers. Maureen shares her knowledge, enthusiasm, and talents with students and administrations from high schools to colleges and is a true ambassador for women in science and technology.

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