Patricia Lewis
Chief Executive Officer and Treasurer 
Berkley Screw Machine Products, Inc.

Rochester Hills, MI

“My motivation is employee growth and continuous improvement. Each of my people has unique abilities and talents that they bring to our work.”

Patricia creates a culture for people to grow. Frustrated with the lack of consistency and effectiveness she saw when she starting out in manufacturing, Patricia's motivation ever since has been to create documented  systems and processes that enabled her employees to do things better.   From ergonomic improvements to training initiatives, Patricia fosters a culture of support and value.  Her use of strong documentation systems and corporate policies leads the industry.   Focusing on the growth of her own employees ensures that they are providing Berkley's customers with the same kind of experience she wants when she is the customer. Emphasis on continuous improvement, employee development, and “humane use of human beings” is the key to the achievements of the team at Berkley.

Patricia has been active on many community committees and boards, especially those focused on education, throughout her career. She credits some of what she saw on these boards, especially involving the lack of buy-in and support which prevented successful solutions, as shaping her behavior as a leader who is focused on hearing all sides of the story, being fully informed, providing people with the resources they need, and having an exceptionally high-functioning team with little turnover.

Embracing differences- whether by changing the weight limit of packages in the shop, or valuing employees' different ways of learning- has helped Berkley Screw Machine Products, Inc. develop a cadre of capable machinists and employees who know that they are welcome because of their differences. One size doesn't fit all, and it was Patricia’s exceptional experience that led her to recognize and develop the differences in her team. She was able to create systems that made her company more capable, more flexible, more reliable, and more caring.

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