Irina Kleyman
Manufacturing Engineer
ACE Clearwater Enterprises

Torrance, CA

“Manufacturing to me is a very important part of our economy. It not only creates and sustains the middle class, it has so many career opportunities for everyone. I am so inspired by seeing a two dimensional drawing become a 3 dimensional part.”

Irina has been an inspiration to our machinists, welders and production staff by leading through example. She is a consummate problem solver, helping bring her engineering prowess to real-world shop floor manufacturing problems. The aerospace environment is constantly challenged to find creative ways to drive cost out of the process, while also delivering high-quality flight-critical complex formed and welded assemblies to our OEM customers. She is the go-to person for both our internal and external customers, and uses her expertise to bring significant cost savings to all parties.  Irina has the ability to communicate complex processes and production methodologies to all levels of the organization and is an indispensable resource due to her education, experience, and attitude.

Irina credits her parents, who were both mechanical engineers, with sparking an interest in her to pursue an engineering career.  She started with ACE several years after she arrived from the former Soviet Union, and has been instrumental in mentoring and coaching college interns and new hires.

Irina truly loves a challenge, and is passionate about sharing knowledge and experience.  She is especially interested in working to encourage young women to get involved in engineering and manufacturing fields, emphasizing the range of opportunities at all levels.

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