Elizabeth King
Vice President
ESCO Corporation 

Portland, OR

“Manufacturing incites passion in me because it’s about a group of smart, hard-working people continuously making things better, seeking to improve the way the world works – safer, better, and more productive. It is about learning, innovation, and people’s ability to solve complex problems. How can you not get excited about that?”

Continuous improvement is at the heart of ESCO Corporation, a 100-year-old global manufacturer of products for the mining, construction and industrial, and oil and gas industries. Over her 16 years with the company, Elizabeth has been a leader in the development and delivery of countless initiatives ensuring ESCO has the talent and skills necessary to deliver on its strategic objectives. She was also instrumental in changing ESCO’s culture to one of continuous improvement through the implementation of Lean across the organization.  

Elizabeth routinely steps beyond her role at ESCO to actively engage in initiatives that broadly support the manufacturing industry. She was appointed to serve as Chair of the Oregon Workforce Development Board and Co-Chair of the Oregon Statewide Manufacturing Strategy. Under her leadership, Oregon produced its first statewide strategic plan which set clear, measurable goals for the state’s workforce investments across numerous agencies.   She serves in a range of other regional and local capacities, all sharing the mission of continuous improvement and enhanced workplace competency. Elizabeth has also mentored numerous individuals, particularly women within ESCO, and has inspired countless others who have heard her speak in various venues about the benefits of manufacturing and the career opportunities it provides.

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