Kitae Kim
Global Sustainability Manager
AGCO Corporation

Duluth, GA

“When most people look at a manufactured good they see a product. But I see parts, pieces, and the combined work of people and processes it took to take an idea and make it a value adding asset; that’s what drives my passion for manufacturing.”

Kitae has managed the development of AGCO's first-ever sustainability strategy and five-year goals.  In her three years with AGCO, Kitae has helped enhance the way AGCO manages its business, creating opportunities to reduce expense, while managing risk and promoting a sustainable approach to agriculture and manufacturing.

Kitae is a true change agent with a real vision for sustainability in a manufacturing company.  She has been able to see the role that AGCO plays in two separate value chains:  the agricultural value chain and the manufacturing value chain.  She has a unique perspective in seeing how AGCO can contribute to a vision of sustainable agriculture in the future, creating new sources of revenue, while at the same time increasing operational efficiencies and reducing risk in AGCO's own manufacturing operations. 

Kitae has served as an effective ambassador for the manufacturing industry through her efforts in sustainability industry forums.  She represents AGCO on two key forums, one for Fortune 500 leaders in sustainability in the greater Atlanta area, and a second covering national and international companies.  In these forums, the views Kitae shares are unique since most companies are not involved in the manufacturing of capital equipment.  Through her representation, Kitae has raised the profile of AGCO and the manufacturing industry among leaders in the sustainability industry.

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