Elizabeth Kautzmann
Program Manager Laser/Fabrication
FANUC America

Mason, OH

“I am fascinated with the story of Amelia Earhart from her single quote: ‘Adventure is worthwhile in itself.’  Whenever I am asked to make a presentation to industry, I always reference it. Passion for adventure creates opportunity for learning, growing and improving.”

Elizabeth’s real world experiences span the globe, from Laser Lab International to Salvagnini to FANUC.  She also honed her craft while at Edison Welding Institute, EWI, and Armco Research.  These experiences fueled her passion for laser cutting, which she’s shared by developing software and curriculae which speed understanding and confidence on the laser systems she represents.  Liz is the first female to hold the position of Chair for the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association Laser Council that holds a state of the art laser conference each year that presents new technology and processes. She has encouraged the Council to invest not only in developing the most advanced, reliable laser systems, but also in cultivating human resources with vast experience and multi-faceted understanding of the entire process. 

Liz has worked with groups like FIRST Robotics and The Science Olympics to ensure young people are exposed to laser technology and manufacturing.  She has even developed a small laser light show, which she travels with to share the mysteries of light and laser technology with these young people.  She believes it is critical to voice the message that anyone from anywhere can be an engineer in this field.

Over the years, Liz has partnered with numerous companies and placed over $300 million in laser equipment, not included those she influenced through her highly regarded webinars and presentations.  Her passion, enthusiasm, and technical depth make her an exceptional resource in and outside of work.

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