Rachel Joseph
Product Development Manager
Southeastern Container, Inc. 

Enka, NC

“View your company as a team and treat every member with respect. At all organizational levels we have the same end-goal; ship quality, cost competitive product on time, and return home safely. Never forget every team member plays a vital role in completing all aspects of this goal.”

Rachel manages her own team and cross functional teams with a focus on participation and achievement. She is always excited to accept new challenges and brings enthusiasm to every assigned project.  Throughout her career, she has championed improvements at the production floor level and with product projects overall.  The projects she’s handled, and her leadership in seeing them to completion are integral to the company staying competitive in a challenging market. Her focus on continuous improvements in design and cost savings translates to jobs and a high quality of life for many communities in the future.

Rachel leads by example and offers a high energy level to every task she undertakes. She has a unique ability to empathize with issues that others are facing, and seeks to offer options that meet everyone's needs.   She demonstrates these qualities outside of work as well, specifically with the United Way efforts and the Junior Welfare Club.  Her caring and compassion make her an excellent resource and benefit others in and out of work.

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