Jeanne Johns
Head of Safety and Operational Risk (R&M) and Operational Excellence

London, The United Kingdom

“I believe manufacturing is core to the nation’s economy, underpinning the service sector and creating real value. Manufacturing has technology, science, and math at its heart and these disciplines create value through scientific breakthroughs and innovation - improving the quality of life and raising living standards for everyone.”

Jeanne has been an international refining, petchems, oil and gas executive with BP, Plc over her 25+ year career.  She has used her technical skills and leadership abilities to positively impact management through thoughtful business judgment and systematic planning of both process and people, with an operational and safety bias.  In each role she’s held at BP, Jeanne has brought a clear vision, systematic approach and a passion for safety.   She effectively manages relationships with industry partners, governments and customers and drives with a focus on excellence through learning and continuous improvement.   She has been recognized internally with the “Best of BP” award for her time in Shanghai, China, and her leadership has consistently resulted in improved safety and profitability throughout her career.

One of Jeanne’s many talents is her ability to clearly identify opportunities, communicate how to achieve the goal and then work with her team to deliver the best solution.  She credits this in part to her college athletic experience, where she was a member of the University of Cincinnati's Lady Bearcats basketball and volleyball programs while pursuing her Chemical Engineering degree.  She continues to be a team player who drives for the win, but is willing to pass the ball or make the shot depending on the circumstance.

Jeanne is the chair for BP WIN, BP Women International Network, which has the goal of enabling talented women at BP reach their full career potential.   Jeanne passionately believes business needs to harness all its talent to achieve superior results and enjoys encouraging other women to take challenging and influential roles.

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