Marisa Jimenez
Product Support Engineer Senior

Lockheed Martin
Denver, CO

“The achievement I am most proud of is my education. First of all, growing up I never imagined I would be an Engineer, since I perceived it as a challenging male-dominated career. Furthermore, obtaining a Master’s degree was also a recent and new goal I am glad I pursued. My education has enlightened me and given me confidence to grow in this industry. I am very glad my reservations did not drive me away from such a rewarding career”

Marisa’s vision, leadership, and communication skills have significantly enabled the organization to achieve its critical strategic objectives, including positioning the workforce and facilities for the future; driving efficiencies/apply disruptive solutions; and increasing value through competitive, vertical integration.   Marisa’s leadership contributions have been recognized by Lockheed Martin with the award of two prestigious Aero PRISM Awards and numerous special recognition awards.  She is a true change agent, and inspires others to accomplish business goals.

In addition to a BS in Industrial & Systems Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management, Marisa is also a 2011 graduate of the prestigious Lockheed Martin Operations Leadership Development Program.   She obtained Black Belt certification in 2012, and is an active member of the Society of Hispanic Engineers and the Lockheed Martin Hispanic Leadership Council. She enjoys sharing her passion and enthusiasm with students by participating in the National Hispanic University and STEM Outreach programs, providing essential math, science, and engineering education to our youth.

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