Sarah Hutten
Manufacturing Planner and Scheduler

Stay Online Corporation
Creedmoor, NC

"'Sit on em!'" Growing up my Dad often said these words when we were fighting in the car. Although, it might just seem like a funny story but, it shows how my Dad is a role model. He insisted that we demonstrate discipline, respect and kindness to each other. If there is one thing he has taught me, it's that life is hard. You will not always succeed, and there will be bumps and bruises along the way, but in the end working hard will pay off.”

Sarah’s organizational skills and process and project management talents have increased efficiency of the organization while achieving excellent quality results.  She continues to grow in her role daily, taking on new responsibilities efficiently as she works to oversee not only the manufacturing, but the inspections, packing and shipping of the builds.   Her cross-function collaboration and outstanding follow-up ensure that colleagues and customers alike are satisfied.

Sarah established herself as an exceptional resource from her beginning in the order processing department.  When it became clear that this new role of Manufacturing Planner and Scheduler was needed, Sarah was the ideal organized, efficient resource to step in and lead the way, using the skills she had acquired and building on the rapport she has with the manufacturing teams.  She is a hands-on person who jumps in wherever she’s needed, often filling two roles at the same time.  Sarah is critical to the efficiency.

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