Dr. J.P. Huang
Senior Staff Scientist
Chemical Research
LORD Corporation

Cary, NC

“As a research scientist and product developer, my biggest job satisfaction is to see my efforts be transitioned to the production floor, and made into useful products for customer’s applications.”

J.P. credits the exceptional work environment with helping her achieve what she has done to date.  By collaborating with others, sharing information, and forstering creativity, her team members  are able to excel in their roles. She works with cross-functional teams to design and create marketable products that are profitable. She has had the chance to continue to grow technically by attending conferences. On her return, J.P. has been able to translate that new knowledge from ideology into practice, working from a lab prototype to full scale production. She is a valuable manufacturing resource who considers all the details to achieve consistent results. She works effectively with clients and internal colleagues to learn market needs.  J.P. was the 2006 recipient of Donald Alstadt Innovation Award, LORD Corporation.

She serves professional outside of LORD too. J.P. has been a reviewer for the Journal of Adhesion.  She started  serving  as the Alternative Delegate to the Thermoset Resin Formulator Association (TRFA) in October 2013. She has volunteered with the Green Hope High School Marching Band and the Raleigh Academy of Chinese Language.

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