Christi Hartman
Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Plymouth, MI

“I love manufacturing because it is a constant and varied challenge. Every day there are new and exciting opportunities, yet the ultimate goal remains the same: exceed customer expectations. I am proud to work as part of a team of talented people worldwide.”

Christi has a unique blend of technical design and expertise combined with interpersonal skills that make her an asset at every level of the organization.  Her exceptional patience and perseverance in working with cross cultural teams has made her an integral part of a high-performing workgroups.  And her precision and vast experience in tool and gauge design have landed her at the front of a host of new program launches.   Through Christi’s efforts, Metaldyne was able, among other things, to design and develop a process that met the parameters specified by the client at a level of precision never accomplished before.  All of Christi’s efforts have result in efficiencies which have ultimately impacted the bottom line, once saving nearly $4 million in capital expenses.

Christi credits a week-long camp run by the Society of Women Engineers for influencing her career path, and is eager to offer the same to other young women.  She’s volunteered at several camps over the years, focusing especially on working with underprivileged girls to help them identify and embrace the possibilities for their futures.

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