Pamela Hart 
Office Manager 
Stella‐Jones Corporation

Fulton, KY

“Today manufacturing offers tremendous career opportunities for higher skilled careers, i.e.,
accountants, lawyers, research and technology development, process engineering and design, operations, maintenance, and transportation, to name a few. The opportunities are only limited by one’s desire to work hard and achieve.”

Pam offers solid management techniques garnered in operating her own business to excel in her role at Stella-Jones.  She demonstrates excellent team building and motivating skills, and well as a passion for training others.  She excels at a wide range of software programs and is an expert at digital documentation and storage management.  Pam has been involved in designing, organizing and implementing new procedures as well as improving existing ones for Stella-Jones Corporation. She has helped improve the procurement process to better track inventory and cost, enabling downstream efficiencies and allowing the company to source material more strategically than before.

In addition to supporting the Fulton, KY plant, Pam assists in procedure implementation and training at other Stella-Jones treating plants. She provides process and procedure training to all new office managers, as well as digital training procedures for all manufacturing processes. Pam’s consistent ability to satisfy the auditors efficiently and effectively, largely due to her implementation of digital technology, has resulted in auditors recommending that her procedures be used throughout the company.

She is certified for Management Systems Auditing and Quality Management Systems for ISO 9001for Internal Auditing and is certified for Internal Auditing through AAR.  Her achievements have contributed to the plant achieving various awards including Twins Cities Industry of the Year and the local Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month awards.

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