Meggan Harris
Design Manager, Hot Section Engineering

Pratt & Whitney 
East Hartford, CT

“The ability of our nation to produce quality products affordably is what will keep us competitive in the global marketplace. Through continued innovation, such as new and unique manufacturing methods, we not only develop new jobs that are traditionally sent overseas, but also give younger generations the opportunity to further technology.”

Meggan’s commitment to and passion for manufacturing are evidenced through her exceptional collaborations with suppliers, her mentoring of colleagues, and ability to effect change.  From a financial perspective, Meggan’s efforts have resulted in significant cost reductions across a range of programs.  She leads by example, and is seen as a resource on how to assess, analyze, and apply data to business development.  A strong technical resource, Meggan’s dedication to concurrent engineering, collaborative engineering, process improvement, and manufacturing capabilities are unparalleled.  As an engineer who has had the chance to participate in every phase of the integrated product development process, Meggan is keenly aware of the challenges involved and continually strives for a deeper level of understanding and competency that she believes will ultimately lead to smoother, more effective processes.

Meggan is also committed to using her time and talent to benefit local and far-reaching communities.  As a founding member of Engineers without Borders New London County Connecticut Professionals she was integral in developing a thriving chapter.  Among other efforts, she applied her manufacturing talents to a project involving rainwater collection and farm sustainability in Nicaragua.  Her commitment to quality and her focus on mentorship have made her indispensable at work, locally, and far away.

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