Darlene Hansford
Personnel Manager
Industrial Metal Plating

Reading, PA

“Employers look for candidates who possess a willingness to work hard, leadership, motivation, creative thinking, adapt to change, multitasking and teamwork. Employers want people in the organization to work their way up, show initiative and go above and beyond what is required to help the business succeed.  Show them that!”

Darlene’s 26 years of experience make her instrumental in assisting the second generation of this family to run the 80-person shop.  She has learned through a range of roles and responsibilities over her career, and currently uses her technical and management skills to handle all safety aspects for the plant; she leads the Safety Committee, consistently winning high praise from audits, whether from their Independent Insurance carriers, Dept. of Labor & Industry or OSHA.  Her “best practices” approach has garnered an impeccable rating for the company.  She was integral in initiating various improvements in work cell design and plant layout which have resulted in improved efficiency.

Darlene has always felt she “belonged” in the family-owned business.  She tries to pass this sense of respect and belonging on to today’s workforce.   Through her employee training and engagement programs she’s eliminated turnover and increased satisfaction. Darlene is a compassionate manager, who demonstrates flexibility and empathy toward others.  Darlene is passionate about sharing her faith in others and helping them grow personally and professionally.

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