Lisa Habe
Interlake Industries, Inc.

Willoughby, OH

“I began my career in manufacturing 10 years ago when our company had its greatest losses.  I am proud to say we have turned it around to have some of our most profitable years.  I am most proud when we are able to provide new opportunities for growth to our employees due to our success.”

Leadership and volunteerism are two central themes in Lisa’s professional career.  When she was hired as Executive Vice President of Interlake Industries in 2003, and subsequently made President the following year, the company had experienced one of its worse financial periods in history.  Through dedication, thoroughness, and steady analysis, Lisa was able to turn the company around.  Her foresight and planning led to the purchase of new state of the art equipment that increased both quality and capacity, and helped to re-establish Interlake as an industry leader.  Lisa is also a champion of continuing education so that Interlake stays at the forefront of the industry.

Outside of work, Lisa is an active member of the Precision Metalforming Association, and a leader within the Women in Metalforming group since its inception.  She’s served on various board and committees for the organization, and has represented the group in lobbying efforts and with the media.  Lisa works tirelessly to support young women considering technical careers and to promote manufacturing to future generations, including sponsoring an all-female team at the AWT RoboBot Competition. 

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