Peggy Gulick
Director, Business Process Improvement
AGCO Corporation

Jackson, MN

“Find a mentor who has successfully navigated the ranks with confidence and integrity to partner in your professional goals and development plans.  Seek to understand the vision and strategy.  Don’t be afraid to take risks or challenge status quo.   Learn to effectively manage change, personal and imposed.”

Peggy has successfully led a complete technical upgrade of the ERP system.  The execution was nearly invisible to the business operations.  Benefits included elimination of custom programming and interfaces from the business systems, driving processes back to the core operating system.  A new systemic and sustainable business process foundation was established allowing the business to take next steps in process improvements.  Peggy’s thorough planning, attention to detail, crisp execution, and strong collaborative leadership were the driving force behind a smooth implementation. This was the first major system change that the site had without major issues.

Peggy has worked primarily in manufacturing of fishing bait and tackle, with a passion for the supply chain management component, and now in agriculture equipment.  As a result, she has developed a style to elevate the performance of the team she is on.  She also led a global SAP implementation at a previous employer, that was considered very successful in terms of budget adherence, time commitments, minimal business interruption and increased business efficiencies.  She has four children, heavily involved in activities in addition to a demanding work schedule, which have resulted in exceptional time management skills allowing her to balance work, home and personal demands.

Peggy is currently working on her Master's degree and serves as a mentor to young women at the manufacturing site.  She also plays a strategic role in AGCO’s Global Women’s Network organization for North America.

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