Carla Pegurara Gasparin
Product Management, Global ATS & EFG, Integration Manager, Harvesting
AGCO Corporation
Duluth, GA

“The manufacturing sector is essential to the nation as it is one of the most important sources of innovation; consequentially it is a source of new product development. Furthermore, the manufacturing sector is constantly looking for ways to innovate the productivity processes; as a result it also drives the productivity in the service sector.”

Carla is a committed, flexible resource who is always willing to help where the company needs it.  She relocated as an expat to lead the Advanced Technology Solutions integration for AGCO's Harvesting business, helping to coordinate roadmaps and global plans to provide clear visibility and expectations for Harvesting needs and technology. She previously helped to establish  AGCO Advanced Technology Solutions and AGCO Precision Farming in South America. Carla worked closely with AGCO's South America Engineering and Marketing function to establish goals and metrics for implementing AGCO Common Electronic Architecture on AGCO machines built in South America.

Carla has made many contributions to AGCO over her career. Working in a range of roles with a variety of responsibilities, she demonstrateds her deep business and technical expertise.  Aside from a hiatus during which she earned a Ph.D. in the UK, she has been a force for AGCO.

This year Carla accepted a huge new assignment as the Global ATS Harvesting Integration Product Manager. She relocated to Duluth, GA and has taken on this task fearlessly. She has already had many successes and the company looks forward to her continued contributions and leadership.  She is very trustworthy, honest and transparent and goes beyond her assigned duties to ensure the success of AGCO Advanced Technology Solutions.

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