Andrea Funk
Cambridge-Lee Industries LLC

Reading, PA

“By fueling job creation and protecting us from international instability, manufacturing is the core to our economic engine. Further, our country was built on an entrepreneurial foundation. Without direct access to production, our ability to be the leader in innovation and development of next generation products is fragmented.”

Andi brings an exceptional set of work and community experiences with a strong educational background to her role as CEO.  She believes organizational development is the foundation to her platform as CEO, and has rolled out initiatives and structure to: Data Driven Decision Making, Operational Excellence, Profitable Growth, and Employee Engagement.  Under these operating principles, Cambridge-Lee’s new executive leadership team has begun leveraging analytics in a commodity-based business, reducing costs, pursuing new sales, and engaging employees across the organization.  The most notable growth area is the company’s “Eagle” plant, which had its official ribbon cutting October 2013.

Andi was instrumental in persuading the parent company, IUSA, to relocate a state-of-the-art copper tube facility, “Eagle”, from Mexico to Pennsylvania. This $60 million expansion will add over 200 new jobs to the region and enable Cambridge- Lee to enter new markets with "Made In USA" custom-drawn tubing, widely used in HVAC applications.   She brought together local, state, and various economic development partners to assist in making Berks County the best choice to locate the new plant, while raising the capital necessary for the project. 

She fosters community support and loyalty by actively participating on the United Way Board, and by working side-by-side with fellow employees in local soup kitchens, painting houses fringing on blight, landscaping a local shelter, and celebrating over 600% increase in employee donations over two years.  Andi truly believes she is there to serve her employees, not the other way around. 

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