Tamara Friese
President & COO
Sharretts Plating Co, Inc.

Emigsville, PA

“Manufacturing is important to our nation because it plays a key role in maintaining a strong economy. Manufacturing utilizes raw material and provides a product that also feeds the service industries in our nation. All of these combined create jobs for Americans who ultimately determine the health of our economy.”

Tamara began her career as the first full-time employee in the Sharretts Plating Co, Inc. shipping department in 1986.  From this beginning, through her work in operations and scheduling, to the floor as a plater, and ultimately to her role as President and COO, Tamara demonstrates that she’s here to get work done. 

Along the way she overcame obstacles posed by being a woman and an outsider, and proved her worth by quickly gaining technical knowledge, assessing situations and proposing solutions.  In the past few years, Sharretts has acquired businesses and moved them to the home facility.  Older technology is being removed, replaced by newer technology.  Sharretts is branching out from plating and is remaining globally competitive.   Tamara is integral to the successful transformation and implementation.

Tamara is a leader by example.  She delegates work efficiently and empowers people to learn the skills required.  She is a change agent for the organization and has driven a cultural shift.  Tamara pushes people to do better and complete their jobs to the best of their ability.  She is a role model for others in the organization because she started in the ranks, moved up the ladder, but always kept her roots.

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