Elizabeth Engels
Manager of Community Affairs
The Timken Company

Canton, OH

“I believe we are on the brink of the most exciting period in manufacturing since the early 1900s. We may have the perfect set of conditions - a large boomer generation that can bring our wealth of experience to bear on developing new businesses and a large Y generation that is unencumbered by the way things have always been. I believe that a strong partnership between our generations is the key to riding this next big wave and I truly believe this is the most exciting time I have seen yet in my career."

Elizabeth joined The Timken Company because she felt it was perfect chance to apply her degree to help customers solve materials problems.  Over her 28-year career she has served in a variety of management positions and continues to find interesting challenges that allow her to utilize her technical experience and creativity.  Elizabeth offers a long history of programs and approaches that result in increased efficiencies, cost savings, and the forging of exceptional relationships.

Since 2006, she has worked with Timken and community leaders around the world to help position the company as a good global citizen, support the communities in which they work, align company volunteers with community needs, and develop programs and policies that help the Timken associates meaningfully connect with things they are passionate about in the community.

As a visionary who is never satisfied with “business as usual,” Elizabeth has a strategic mindset that lets her look toward the horizon for new and improved ways of operating. In a recent discussion, she noted that “in today’s fast-paced environment of change, standing still feels like moving backwards.”   She is passionate about leadership development and recognizes the importance of diversity in leadership
Whether working with students from different economic backgrounds, or arranging meetings around the world with leaders from different cultures, she is able to make connections that empower each group to promote change and improve the world around them. 

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