Jada Dressler
Senior Supply Chain Engineer

Hattiesburg, MS

“For someone pursuing a job in manufacturing, I would tell them that no job is too small and the possibilities are endless. The accumulation of many different parts is how the manufacturing process comes together, and any missing piece would result in the absence of the finished product. Keep your eye on that big picture, and you will be opened up to an endless amount of achievements which can be made in such a rewarding career.”

Jada had immediate impact as a young, newly graduated engineer, clearly demonstrating her character, integrity, and passion.  Her technical depth let her come up to speed quickly, and take the lead on process-specific and critical upgrade projects for Zeon Chemicals.   She was the main driving force and developer of a system currently used in Mississippi, which is being taken corporate-wide. She served on the corporate quality committee, utilizing her six sigma green belt certification.  She will continue her career at PEPSICO-FritoLay as a Senior Supply Chain Engineer.

Jada is passionate and driven, which not only contributes to her success on the job, but was behind her successful student efforts.  She values continuing education and is currently working on obtaining her Masters in Polymer Science Engineering through the University of Southern Mississippi.

Having just moved to Dallas, Texas, Jada plans to continue her community involvement, just as she was actively engaged in many different groups in Mississippi.  Her involvement will span in Engineering groups such as AICHE, WIM, SWE, and as she enjoys sharing her passion with girls to introduce engineering and STEM careers.  She speaks at local schools and has been featured in magazine articles.  Jada was an active member of the Hattiesburg Area Development Partnership, Mississippi Young professionals, and was asked to be on the Mississippi Economic Development Authority Council.  She is an exceptional role model.

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