Altheha DrePaul
Key Account Manager
EJ Ajax

Fridley, MN

“I will continue to promote advanced modern manufacturing as a rewarding career choice to women
that have strong STEM skills and a desire to work with their hands and their minds. I encourage and mentor my colleagues to innovate, be willing to grow and most importantly be lifelong learners.”

Altheha has advanced rapidly on the manufacturing career ladder thanks to her strong work ethic and combination of mechanical aptitude and people skills. From her beginnings as a machine operator, through apprenticeship, continuing education, and ultimately in her promotion to Key Account Manager, Altheha has always showed her willingness to take on additional responsibilities. As a result of her practical, hands-on beginning, she has proven to be an exceptional liaison between the company and its most significant clients.  Altheha has also acted as a friend and mentor to women and people of color, both the colleagues of EJ Ajax and the students following in her footsteps in the M-Powered program.

As an immigrant, Altheha came to the U.S. with a goal: to make a better life for herself and her children. Through her success, she is now determined to be a role model and an inspiration for others like her.  She believes fervently that manufacturing is one of the keys to keeping America strong, and is aware that the lack of skilled workers is the biggest issues America faces.  Altheha is a perfect spokesperson for careers in manufacturing because she not only knows the answers to people’s questions—she lives them.

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