Candace Drahn
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
M's Machine and Manufacturing, Inc. 

Monona, IA

“Continuous improvement is the key to every manufacturer in today’s world. This improvement goal
keeps us on our toes. Whether we are investing in bigger, better, and faster technology or adopting a new philosophy to manufacturing. We are always learning, which makes manufacturing an exciting adventure!”

Candace oversees strategic initiatives that improve company processes and supports customer needs while increasing revenue and profitability.  She, along with her sister, Casey Drahn, carries on the tradition of excellent leadership started by their grandmother in 1981.  With a focus on continuous improvement, Candace has upgraded plant equipment with new, more accurate and effective machines which allow for greater production controls and a reduction in lead times.  Candace has put her efforts into innovative leadership with a goal of transforming the small family business into a globally-recognized leader.

Candace recognizes that this small manufacturing business is an economic backbone of the tiny community of Monona.  M’s Machine has been a steady employer here for more than 30 years, with several individuals still on-board who began working for her grandmother.  Candace is a champion for the employees at M’s Machine as she recognizes the need for trained high-skill workers in manufacturing.   She believes that an essential starting point for the continued development of a strong workforce is to educate high school students about the many opportunities in manufacturing.  And she is instrumental in efforts to have community college programs physically accessible to rural communities.

Candace also serves on the Iowa Workforce Development Regional Workforce Investment Board, a Board created to give communities direct input and decision-making ability to address local workforce-related priorities.  As a board member, Candace strives to create a system that helps Iowans respond to the rapid changes occurring in today's workplace.

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