Tanya DiSalvo
Criterion Tool

Cleveland, OH

“Being passionate about manufacturing is about always pushing the envelope. Motivating the team to rise to every challenge and tackle the toughest jobs on sophisticated equipment to solve customer issues. I love the challenge of getting Team Criterion to think outside the box, every day, to provide a solution.”

As a business owner, Tanya embraces sharing and collaborating in order to sustain a viable manufacturing capability, both within the organization and throughout the local community.  She led a successful third generation management transition of Criterion by focusing on building the capabilities and performance of the management team. Under her leadership, the team implemented the Velocity Scheduling System, a visual system based on the Theory of Constraints and Lean, to eliminate constraints in operations and inventory. The improvements in operational performance have helped to maintain the competitiveness and sustainability of Criterion by creating both a systematic process and companywide culture that increased shipments, throughput, and revenue, with minimal additional investments except training.

While Tanya's experience as an athlete might be seen as an easy explanation for her leadership and drive, it was early career experiences selling to automotive aftermarket manufacturing companies that revealed her true passion- understanding how things work and how they are made.  Sharing the passion for "making things" has driven her efforts at team development in the company, and her outreach into the broader community.

Tanya's passion for helping people learn about the things Criterion manufactures and how they are actually machined has made her a champion in the Cleveland area for a variety of career readiness efforts and initiatives.  She serves on a career readiness advisory board at a local vocational school, makes presentations to school guidance counselors and pre-engineering classes, and sponsors interns in her company.

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