Erin Cuellar
Production Supervisor
AGCO Corporation 

Beloit, KS

“Manufacturing is what you make of it.  Don't be afraid to explore.  Try everything because eventually you will find your niche.  Plus you will have a better understanding of the whole process.”

Erin approaches her work with great passion and focus on the impact to her team, AGCO and the end customer.  She challenges herself and others to create excellent outcomes, and is passionate about improving processes.  She has defined and communicated clear expectations that have resulted in enhanced accountability and ultimately better performance.  Although she is relatively new to AGCO, she has been instrumental in the creation of a local AGCO Global Women's Network presence in the Beloit office. She has also held surveys/round tables to identify key engagement drivers for women in the Beloit location in hopes of helping the company enhance retention, engagement and effort of workers across the Beloit business.

Erin has used her technical and communication skills to prove herself in a traditionally male setting, and has paved the way for other women to be successful.  Despite having initially met resistance, Erin – the first female floor supervisor in AGCO's Beloit facility -- understands the importance of engaging others, driving women toward success and creating her own personal brand.  She is adamant about continuing education and is pursuing her bachelor’s degree while working full-time and leading a team.

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