Patricia Conrad
Production Manager
Baker Hughes

Houston, TX

“I am passionate about growing through adversity.  My job in manufacturing allows me to problem solve on an almost daily basis.  I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I am able to solve concrete problems using both my knowledge of engineering and my higher level critical thinking skills.”

Patricia strives to continue learning and has used her time in the machine shop to master Lean principles and incorporate them into the company’s production.  Her previous experience was in data management, and prior to that she worked in sales.  She offers a well-rounded repertoire of skills and experiences to the group, and excels at focusing on identifying issues using data and not reacting based on gut feel.  Her technical background has allowed her to be effective in working with and educating the machinists.

Patricia seeks excellence in people and processes, implementing Lean principles that have been key to accomplishing results.  Her project management skills, attention to detail, and leadership qualities have contributed to enhanced efficiencies.

Patricia is focused and driven, recently completing her MBA with the University of Texas.  She did this while working full-time for Baker Hughes, attending classes to attain her LSS green belt, and managing several projects in the machine shop.  She is an excellent role model for young women considering technical careers.

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