Felica Coney
Auburn Plant Manager
Procter & Gamble

Auburn, ME

“I am passionate about making a difference!  I am able to truly leverage my skills and capabilities in manufacturing to deliver game-changing solutions to win with both the consumer and customer.  There is nothing like the ability to transform ideas into reality, while enabling all to obtain their peak performance.  This is where my heart is and I absolutely love it!”

Felica is a passionate leader who has driven a step change in systems and capabilities during a period of technology advancement, which has delivered the best manufacturing results of all 34 plants in P&G NA.  In June 13, Felica was recognized on behalf of the Auburn site when the facility won the award for Best Manufacturing Site in P&G NA.  In addition, she pioneered an effort to leverage people with disabilities in the workplace, demonstrating her strong ability to embrace and leverage diversity. Her contributions have been recognized within the state of Maine, on a national Level, and are being implemented throughout plants in NA as the new model for Procter & Gamble.

Felica’s commitment to the community is reflected not only in her work with people with disabilities but also her role as a board member for the local economic development council, rotary club and business association. She has been instrumental in enhancing community service efforts locally.  Within P&G, Felica is a leader in the NA Paper Sector’s regional Women’s Network, African Ancestry Leadership Network, and company recruiting efforts.

She is not only an outstanding role model for women in manufacturing, but is also a highly respected and capable leader in the company, serving as an advocate, mentor, and coach for many throughout the organization.  She always inspires and enables everyone she interacts with to achieve their full potential.

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