Linda Cohen
Senior Manufacturing Systems Analyst
ConMed Corporation
Largo, FL

“I am most proud of my role and reputation at ConMed.  I have grown from an Engineering Intern to a Manager working on corporate acquisitions and product line transfers.  I have earned the respect of my colleagues and am viewed as a mentor and strong technical resource.  In addition to accomplishing these professional goals, I am the proud mother of two young children.”

Linda Cohen plays a key role in the success of ConMed Corporation.  She began her career as an engineering intern in 1999 and has made numerous important contributions and technical achievements.  She quickly developed a reputation for her ability to analyze complex systems, solve difficult problems, and implement innovative processes and systems.  These talents, along with her leadership and interpersonal skills have allowed her to achieve success in a range of efforts she’s undertaken, all of which contribute to quality, customer satisfactions, and ultimately the financial success of the organization.

Linda attributes some of her character development to her childhood experiences which required her to relocate frequently as a result of her father’s career.  Her independence, initiative-taking, and critical thinking are at least in part a result of this environment. 

In addition to her technical accomplishments, Linda was instrumental in implementing an internship program within the Operations Department.  With the support of Operations management, she has hired many young adults who are children of employees.  Linda has interns who work while attending college or recent college graduates with little or no relevant job experience.  She has developed a methodology to quickly train them to be successful, including having a good work ethic, acting in a professional manner, and working as part of a team.  She continues to serve as a role model in all she does.

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