Karen Childs
Remanufacturing Project Engineer

Caterpillar, Inc. 

Peoria, IL

“In manufacturing each day brings new challenges and opportunities that enable a creative environment. The problems I solve in manufacturing make a positive impact on business results. As a
project leader it gives me the opportunity to mentor others to become better leaders for our future.”

Karen represents excellence in manufacturing. While she has a solid 15-year career with Caterpillar, her achievements during the past two years have been key to the success of the company’s remanufacturing operations in Mississippi. In her current role, she uses skills she’s developed over a career to collaborate with leadership and form relationships critical to the success of the project, to mentor the engineering team to develop the necessary processes, to make decisions that ensure safety, and to meet milestones set for delivery and completion.  Her unique blend of engineering talents combined with interpersonal and project management skills make her an exceptional resource.  Karen is also passionate about mentoring less experienced engineers.  She’s focused on developing her team to deliver outstanding service, and has established a high standard for the organization.

Karen shares her talents and passions outside of work as well by being actively involved in her children’s activities, as well as with her church and community.  She is a grounded individual whose goal is simply to succeed in what she pursues. Karen is well-liked by her peers, considered a valuable teammate and is consistently the go-to person for challenging and complex assignments – in and out of work -- due to her demonstrated ability to exceed expectations.

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