Becky Campbell
Manufacturing Plant Manager
Baker Hughes 

Houston, TX

“My proudest achievement was managing a team that was rated the worse in productivity and meeting deadlines to becoming the most successful. It started with me understanding the culture, knowing my employees and building a relationship, and identifying gaps in our processes and closing them.”

Becky has executed a completed turnaround from worst to best in manufacturing– from 28% to 92%--   since assuming her role of manager.  She brought nearly twenty years of experience to her new role, which allowed to her to quickly and effectively achieve results.

She has an exceptional attitude and approach to her job.  She is highly customer-oriented and is a great role model and inspiration, both as a manager and a person.  Becky offers a range of qualities that contribute to her success; she is respectful, demanding, knowledgeable, hardworking, professional, supportive and has great sense of humor.   She has a “can do” attitude that she demonstrates by stepping in wherever she’s needed.  And her outstanding attention to detail and project management skills ensure that she stays on top of each order. Becky is focused on employee development, providing training and encouraging employees to use resources for self-improvement.  She juggles ever-expanding work responsibilities with her home life as a parent to triplets, and is a role model both at work and in the community.

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