Christi Brazener
Customer Care Manager
Bison Gear and Engineering Corp.
St. Charles, IL

“The business achievement that I am most proud of is the relationships that I have built with our customers over the years. The relationships have helped both of our businesses streamline production and have created stronger customer-supplier relationships.”

Christi personifies the company’s approach toward service, PRIDE (People Relentless In Delivering Excellence}.  She was instrumental in creating a Customer Service call center so that a customer call never goes to voicemail. Her well-trained Customer Service Specialists are proficient at handling technical questions as well as order status questions. And she has instituted a metric (CCFT – Closed Calls First Time) which she is using to measure and improve the percentage of customer calls that can be answered to the customer’s satisfaction while they are on the original call.

Christi has developed a personal relationship with most of Bison’s customers that allows the company to get the most accurate information about upcoming demand. Each week she chairs a sales outlook meeting where she reports the expected available sales for the next 90 days, using data from the customer, historical trends, and her experienced insight.   The company relies on this for material and resource planning. Christi acts as a true customer advocate and a liaison between the customers and the internal workings of Bison. 

Christi has won the plant’s PRIDE award on numerous occasions for going above and beyond the normal call of duty to help out a customer. She is regularly mentioned by name in our annual customer survey as a Bison associate that they love to deal with. She is an exceptionally committed resource who does whatever it takes to get the job done.

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