Dawn Braswell
Training Professional
Siemens Energy, Inc. 

Wendell, NC

“Manufacturing offers an array of career options. Interested individuals should do diligent research. Manufacturing has evolved, unfortunately misconceptions continue as to the working conditions. Manufacturing is no longer 'your grandparents’ factory.' It is a high-tech, clean environment with opportunities for men and women to earn a very stable, secure living.”

Dawn quickly became a valuable asset to the Siemens Energy team, taking a non-existent training program from inception to implementation and achieving excellent results.  She developed a comprehensive three week training program for new employees.  Dawn was instrumental in the implementation of an eLearning platform through ToolingU, a technical training university and has managed the project from the beginning, including coordinating the efforts of eLearning stations throughout the manufacturing facility for all shop floor operators.   She has forged critical relationships and garnered the respect of everyone in the plant.

Dawn’s rapport with employees is excellent and she has quickly become known for her agile ability to match custom solutions with individual training and development needs. She is also responsible for coordinating all Environmental Health and Safety training on the site for all employees.  She has called upon her connections in the community college setting to bring in outstanding trainers to benefit a range of functions.

Dawn currently serves as the Co-chair for the North Carolina New Schools Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace, and Security Council for the past 18 months. She has traveled to and hosted visits of manufacturing sites throughout North Carolina in order to expose the committee members to all of the career possibilities in advanced manufacturing.  She is nearing the end of a doctoral program, but continues to find a balance to include family and community volunteerism.

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