Katie Boor
Program Manager
Ingersoll Rand

Minneapolis, MN

“I am most proud of my role in pulling together two cross-functional product development teams and leading those teams to launch two new products on time, under cost, and above existing quality standards. Both teams used each member’s skills and knowledge to get the best possible product to our customers.”

Katie applies her unique background in Lean manufacturing and product development to her role at Thermo King, realizing on-time and under-budget completion that ultimately leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and a larger customer base.  The company estimates that Katie’s work will result in $25 million in incremental revenue over a 36-month period.  She is recognized for her leadership skills and her ability to foster constructive relationships among cross-functional teams to reach the most effective solution for the customers.

Katie credits her early exposure to sports and collaboration as having a great influence on the way she approaches her own work and her interactions with others.  She learned to focus on what one is doing, to be resilient, to be willing to overcome hurdles, and to value the team. These combined skills and talents translate directly into her ability to envision the entire cross-functional new product development process, organize and form a cohesive team around that process, move it forward, and handle any setbacks that may arise.

Katie has been an active member of the Ingersoll Rand-Purdue Campus Recruiting team since joining the company, championing diversity in STEM fields. She shares her passion with the Society of Women Engineers Girl Scout Day and regularly speaks at both Purdue University and the University of Minnesota about the many career options for female engineers. She has also been recognized internally for her initiative in leadership and commitment to excellence.

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