Laura Lee Bocade
Relationship & Community Development Manager
DIRTT Environmental Solutions

Savannah, GA

“My passion comes from seeing the impact our business has on DIRTTbags and their families,” she says. “We provide our team with more than a living. DIRTTbags have a purpose, an outlet for creativity and ideas, a sense of community, dignity, a future, autonomy, respect – and a sure grip on the American dream!”

Laura Lee is a passionate ambassador for DIRTT in Savannah, GA. She joined DIRTT as Talent Manager in 2008 and transitioned to Relationship & Business Development Manager in 2011.  With the help of her extensive community outreach, DIRTT has partnered with government, private organizations, non-profits and educational institutions to achieve exceptional, often trend-setting results. 

Laura Lee’s personal community involvement, her passion for mentorship, and world travel have shaped her career in the manufacturing industry.  Her work with numerous community initiatives and organizations has been key to establishing DIRTT as a local business leader. Laura Lee is involved with more than 20 organizations including Savannah Technical College, Historic Savannah Foundation, Savannah Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Women in Construction, the USGBC, Savannah Sustainability Alliance, and Accelerate Savannah. She is DIRTT’s gateway to the Savannah community and beyond and her leadership helps bring the company to tables where decisions are being made.

Like her relationships in the community, her relationships with DIRTT’s production employees –¬ who call themselves DIRTTbags with great pride – are built on trust and communication.  Laura Lee is enthusiastic about mentoring young people and firmly believes it is good for business.  Her young charges learn to be entrepreneurial, accountable and empathetic to the people around them.  

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