Elizabeth Bierman
Senior Program Manager
Honeywell Aerospace
Minneapolis, MN

“I am most proud of my achievements with the Society of Women Engineers.  The organization’s vision is to be the key to the success of women in engineering and technology.  And as I approach my term as President, I look forward to helping women achieve their own success.”

Elizabeth has had the chance to develop her technical, interpersonal, and leadership skills as she’s taken on more responsibility with each new project at Honeywell Aerospace.  An aerospace engineer, she began her career in customer and technical support for specific aviation products.  In this role she had the chance to work closely with manufacturers, customers, suppliers, and Honeywell’s support network to share her talents and hone her skills.  Elizabeth has also served as a field engineer, supporting clients on-site.  From this, she grew into a program management role, including managing people, projects, and processes tied to an annual budget of $1 – 3 million. 

In her current role, Elizabeth is the chief architect of the integrated product delivery and support system used across Honeywell Aerospace for all development programs.   A primary focus of this effort is not only to streamline processes across all functions, including marketing, customer support, and supply, but also to standardize the engagement model.  In direct support of this standardization, Elizabeth launched a coaching model to offer leaders the support they need to ensure a successful launch.  Throughout her career, she has embraced additional responsibilities and grown from a purely technical asset to a leadership and management role model.

In addition to her work at Honeywell, Elizabeth has been active in supporting the Society of Women Engineers in various leadership roles and board positions, as well as in in outreach efforts to recruit and retain new members.  She achieves outstanding results by leading through communication and collaboration.

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