Stacey Bibik
Government Sales
Stacy Machine and Tooling
Bloomfield, CO

“My role model is my Dad because he sees opportunities, takes risks, works smart, and owns his choices.  He is never a victim; he is always an advocate of life-long learning. Determination and perseverance are non-negotiable prerequisites for anything that anyone engages in, regardless of who or where they are”

Stacey has taken a highly targeted, focused approach to growing small business manufacturing by fostering new accounts that match the company’s core capabilities and  guiding owners through certification and financial processes, such as ISO, custom ERP systems, and capital management. She offers a unique human resource background with the skills to help small businesses streamline hiring, reduce risk, and decrease turnover. Stacey continually focuses on the long-term, developing business plans that rely on measurable results which lead to ongoing success.  Her passion and commitment to the manufacturing industry round out her technical and leadership skills to make her exceptional in her role.

Stacey brings a host of personal and professional experiences to her work at Stacy Machine and Tooling, including experience she had through her father’s career, and the management of several personal businesses.  She is adamant about using her talents to benefit others, as evidenced by her participation in career fairs, workforce development panels, and her promotion of National Manufacturing Day in her local community. She also works with local S.T.E.M. educators at the high school and community college level to collaborate and improve visibility of careers in manufacturing.   She continues to hone her skills using a National Manufacturing Institute scholarship to earn her MBA.  Stacey has also started a local chapter of Women in Manufacturing, and has worked with local seniors offering pro bono financial planning.  She hopes to one day open a private, technical school that can prepare high school graduates, returning veterans, and unemployed workers for entry level positions in manufacturing.

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