Maria Betancourt
Manufacturing Engineer II
ConMed Linvatec
Largo, FL

“I love working in the manufacturing environment in the medical device industry. My job allows me to make improvements to the process to ease operator labor. In the end I feel proud about making a difference in people’s quality of life.”

Maria has contributed to substantial changes and improvements in the Largo packaging Operations, from both an equipment and a packaging system standpoint.  She implemented a new packaging sealing platform together with new packaging system designs for new and legacy products.  This complex effort involved 20+ process validations and more than 20 packaging system qualifications. As a result, she was able to improve quality which led to a reduction in internal and external complaints related to package integrity. She has helped drive and implement a Corporate Packaging strategy to try to harmonize packaging procedures across ConMed sites.

With her dedication and the ability to learn, Maria has continued to demonstrate that she can handle higher complexity projects in areas outside of her immediate expertise.  She is viewed as an expert resource in medical device packaging industry, both in design and implementation.  Her support of all of the different business areas and factories is outstanding and highly appreciated.

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