Jill Bellak
President and COO
MBX Systems
Libertyville, IL

“Being named Quality Magazine’s 2012 Quality Plant of the Year. Insuring quality is challenging in our high-mix, build-to-order environment, so this is a real tribute to everything we’ve done to achieve it – including developing proprietary shop floor software with built-in quality controls and inspecting every system at least five times.”

Jill was instrumental in the successful corporate transition from component sales to OEM manufacturing of custom server appliances, including championing a major investment in a proprietary shop floor application designed to maintain quality in the firm’s high-mix environment; promoting other advances such as the use of iPads and Bluetooth barcode scanners to streamline picking; and spearheading a 2012 move to a larger plant that has enabled MBX to achieve major new manufacturing efficiencies. She shaped the path of the business by identifying and targeting an unserved market, offering boutique-style services ranging from platform engineering to hardware branding.  Her efforts helped garner the recognition as Quality Magazine’s 2012 Quality Plant of the Year.

Jill believes she learned the virtue of operating lean as a teenager working as a waitress and short-order cook at her parents’ bar and restaurant, saying, “It really makes you think about prioritization and eliminating extra movement.”  She has a personal commitment to continuous improvement that has carried over to the manufacturing floor. Like her colleagues at MBX, she is on an ongoing quest to find more efficient and cost-effective production methods.

She gives outside of the work setting too, volunteering at a transitional housing shelter in Chicago that provides homeless young people a place to stay for 120 days. She teaches them a variety of skills, including interviewing and resume building, to help them survive when they leave the shelter.

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