Alexis Beckford-Knighton
Process Improvement Engineer
Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas, Inc.
Orlando, FL

“Dr. Tonya Smith-Jackson, my college research advisor, armed me with one principle that became the foundation of my career. ‘No’ is an engineer’s best friend. This meant anytime I was met with limited capabilities or the seemingly impossible, I saw it as a great opportunity to solve or create.”

Alexis is passionate about safety and ergonomics at the operator level.  She understands that safety is not only behaviorally applied, but must be built into the specific processes to achieve acceptable results in the same fashion as quality.   She has transformed the Safety Program and Culture in her tenure at MPSA.   In her efforts to shape a mindset, Alexis reinstated a Safety Committee, established an Ergonomic Team, and defined measurable outputs to create a focus on improvements.  

Alexis credits her participation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) from 9th grade as a student with sparking her engineering passion.  She is now a mentor for a program started with other female friends in technical and teaching backgrounds called “STEM from Dance.”  Springing from her passion for science, and the realization that women still weren’t represented well in these technical fields she and the others created the group to inspire, guide, and educate.

Alexis has facilitated MPSA Kaizen events, helped to develop the safety and training programs, and created new ways to institute standardization in all process aspects of machine, materials, man, and method. She demonstrates the positive attitude that inspires colleagues to work harder and think of different ways to reach solutions.  It is this upbeat personality, attitude, and outlook from Alexis that fosters a contagious culture of encouragement that enhances every effort she undertakes.

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