Brenda Baron
Vice President, Manufacturing and Technical Services
Implant Sciences Corporation
Wilmington, MA

“I’m most proud of having been given the opportunity to build a manufacturing organization from the ground up, using my years of diverse manufacturing experience to produce commercial products that protect people’s lives. In leaving this thumbprint, I hope to continue mentoring and inspiring women to achieve excellence in manufacturing.”

Brenda is a leader who offers a double threat of deep domain knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit, both of which she uses to effect change within the organization.  She works hard to maintain a small-company mentality that keeps manufacturing within the US and keeps customer orientation at the forefront while driving Implant Science Corporation to create a manufacturing operation that rivals all competitors.  With a corporate vision of exceptional quality and operational excellence, Brenda has created a strong corporate culture.  She’s used her credibility with key customers and government agencies to accomplish important milestones.

Brenda learned the business by doing it.  She developed a strong work ethic from her early days when she was working in an entry level capacity.  Always willing to learn, take on additional responsibility, and shape the direction of a task or project, Brenda gained exceptional experience that made her the leader she is today.  With a personal motto learned from her brother, “two-thirds of the things you worry about never happen,” Brenda is adamant about de-stressing the work environment for the benefit of all colleagues.

Brenda’s passion for interior design fueled a major transition for Implant Sciences as they moved from a 23,000 square foot office into a 58,000 square foot facility.  Combining her technical skills with her love for design, Brenda oversaw the design, construction and opening of the new facility. With a focus on the big picture and the betterment of the company as a whole, Brenda has helped set the stage for the increased capacity Implant Sciences needs for years to come.

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