Tracy Baker
Chief Operating Office
DIRTT Environmental Solutions
Calgary, AB, Canada

“DIRTT offers an open environment embracing empowerment and accountability.  I’ve watched and coached a number of individuals to exceed their own goals to become more than they originally expected.  Nothing could be more rewarding than being an integral part of an individual’s success that is a key factor in DIRTT’s success.”

Tracy oversees the strategic direction and daily operations of DIRTT’s factories in Calgary, AB, Savannah, GA, Phoenix, AZ and Kelowna, BC.  Her team of 500 people is involved in order engineering, procurement, production and logistics, working with project managers and field technicians to provide custom products in an extremely short time line. 

Since she joined the company in 2004, DIRTT’s revenue has increased by 223%. Her background as an accountant means she understands the big-picture financial implications of plant operations. She was a leader in helping DIRTT create KPIs that reflect true business performance and ultimately affect customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

Tracy also has a talent for being empathetic and working with people’s strengths. She credits a couple of outstanding mentors with helping her grow the skills she needed to succeed, and because of their impact, Tracy now makes mentorship and empowering other factory workers, women in particular, a priority.  She readily identifies when an employee has room to grow and be given new responsibilities. Tracy empowers DIRTT factory employees to create solutions to their everyday inconveniences. She also has strong team-building skills which are important in fostering a lean manufacturing environment. 

Under Tracy’s leadership DIRTT Savannah won the Georgia Small Manufacturer of the Year award for 2013. Other awards that can be credited to her role as COO include the Excellence in Sustainability- Arizona Manufacturers Council (2013), and the PM100 for Innovative Mastery – Progressive Manufacturing Magazine (2011).

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